Coral Spawning predictions 2017

Join one of nature’s most spectacular events: Coral Spawning! It is almost that time of the year when the corals reproduce by releasing their eggs and sperm into the ocean. This phenomenon creates an underwater world with billions of colorful flakes cascading in white, yellow, red and orange.

Click on the image below to see an overview of the Coral Spawning predictions for Bonaire in 2017.

Coral Spawning 2017

To observe spawning:

  • Make multiple dives.
  • Dive in a place with high coral cover.
  • Do not dive deeper than 50 ft to maximize bottom time.
  • Use a moderately bright dive light.

Note that 2016 is characterized by a strong El Nino resulting in unusual temperature regimes that could affect spawning times. Acropora palmata was not observed spawning in August 2015 though the full moon was much earlier in the month than in 2016.

?* Question marks indicate there may or may not be spawning on that night, unpredictable. Note that the times listed are predictions based on last year’s observations. and do not guarantee that spawning occurs during this times.

Please report all spawning observations (i.e. species, time and general observations)

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