At Belmar Oceanfront Apartments we offer comfortable rental vehicles, only for our guests. We make sure that you can enjoy the wonders and unrivaled nature of our untouched, unspoiled island the way it is meant to be enjoyed. There’s no better way to explore and discover the beauty of Bonaire than with your own car from one of the best car hire on Bonaire.

In addition to the single or double cabin pick-up trucks and vans that are included in the Drive, Dive & Stay package, we now also offer sedan cars for our non-diving guests.

Furthermore, these new vehicles are great for a day trip around the island! Could you then imagine how comfortable your road trips are going to be with such a nice car?

The sedan cars have automatic windows, comfortable seats, as well as air-conditioning and manual transmission.

Why wait, book your car rental vehicles on Bonaire at Belmar Oceanfront Apartments and discover Bonaire like never before.

Please note: In order to rent and drive one of our cars, you have to be 23 years or older. 

Type of vehicle Weekly Daily
Sedan $248.85 $39.50
Prices do include sales tax and daily car tax. Insurance is not included.
An additional charge may apply for extra drivers.